Methods: Chen et al 2017

Cell-types: All

Brain regions: Hypothalamus

Techniques: Selection-free cell-sampling; single-cell RNA-seq with Drop-seq. 3,319 single-cells were assigned to 45 cell-type (metacell) clusters (e.g. GABA1).

Details of mice: Young adult female (8- to 10-week-old) B6D2F1 mice

Data processing for BrainPalmSeq: Single-cell data were downloaded from GEO with accession ID GSE87544 (count file GSE87544_Merged_17samples_14437cells_count.txt and annotation file SE87544_1443737Cells.SVM.cluster.identity.renamed.csv) and log normalized by first scaling the expression values provided to a sum of 10,000 per cell before calculating log2(scaled_counts+1). Results are displayed for normal diet. Genes associated with palmitoylation were selected in order to create the heatmaps, categories comprising fewer than 5 single cells are not displayed.

Heatmap units: mean log2(counts per 10,000 + 1)

References: Chen, R., Wu, X., Jiang, L., and Zhang, Y. (2017). Single-Cell RNA-Seq Reveals Hypothalamic Cell Diversity. Cell Reports 18, 3227–3241.

Website: NA

Original data availability: GSE87544