Methods: Batiuk et al 2020

Cell-types: Astrocytes

Brain regions: Cortex and hippocampus

Techniques: Immunolabeling; FACS; single-cell RNA-seq with Smart-seq2 library prep and NextSeq 500 system (Illumina). 1,811 single-astrocytes were assigned to 5 cell-type (metacell) clusters (e.g. AST1).

Details of mice: C57BL/6J; P56

Data processing for BrainPalmSeq: Single-cell counts were downloaded from (supplementary data 1 file 41467_2019_14198_MOESM4_ESM.xlsx) and log normalized by first scaling the expression values provided to a sum of 10,000 per cell before calculating log2(scaled_counts+1). Averages were then performed by cluster, region and cell type for each gene. Genes associated with palmitoylation were selected in order to create the heatmaps, categories comprising fewer than 5 single cells are not displayed.

Heatmap units: mean log2(counts per 10,000 + 1)

References: Batiuk, M.Y., Martirosyan, A., Wahis, J., de Vin, F., Marneffe, C., Kusserow, C., Koeppen, J., Viana, J.F., Oliveira, J.F., Voet, T., et al. (2020). Identification of region-specific astrocyte subtypes at single cell resolution. Nature Communications 11, 1–15


Original data availability: GSE114000