Methods: Marques et al 2018

Cell-types: Oligodendrocytes

Brain regions: Juvenile: Spinal cord/dorsal horn; Substantia nigra and ventral tegmental area (SN-VTA); Amygdala; Hypothalamic nuclei;
Zona incerta; Hippocampus/dentate gyrus/CA1; Somatosensory cortex; Corpus callosum; Striatum. Adult: Somatosensory cortex; Corpus callosum; Dentate gyrus.

Techniques: Genetic labeling; FACS; single-cell RNAseq with Fluidigm C1. 5072 single-cells were assigned to 13 cell-type (metacell) clusters (e.g. OPC).

Details of mice: Male and female; CD-1 or C57BL6 background; Juvenile (P21-P30), Adult (P60)

Data processing for BrainPalmSeq: Single-cell counts were downloaded from GEO with accession ID GSE75330 (file and log normalized by first scaling the expression values provided to a sum of 10,000 per cell before calculating log2(scaled_counts+1). Averages were then performed by cluster and region for each gene. Genes associated with palmitoylation were selected in order to create the heatmaps, categories comprising fewer than 5 single cells are not displayed.

Heatmap units: mean log2(counts per 10,000 + 1)

References: Marques, S., Zeisel, A., Codeluppi, S., Van Bruggen, D., Falcão, A.M., Xiao, L., Li, H., Häring, M., Hochgerner, H., Romanov, R.A., et al. (2016). Oligodendrocyte heterogeneity in the mouse juvenile and adult central nervous system. Science 352, 1326–1329


Original data availability: GSE75330